Konrad Gumowski

Konrad Gumowski

Contact information

E-mail: kguAmowsAki@meiAl.pw.edu.pAl (remove all A's)
Phone: +48 (22) 6381005 ext. 40
Fax: +48 22 234 7767
Address: Instytut Techniki Lotniczej i Mechaniki Stosowanej,
ul. Nowowiejska 24, 00-665 Warszawa, Poland


Current: Assistant researcher at Department of Aerodynamics, MEL PW, Warsaw (Poland), 2008
MSc: Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw (Poland), 2008
BSc: Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw (Poland), 2006

Research activity

Experimental fluid dynamics
Stability issues, Particle Image Velocity measurements


Connected to fluid flows are usually listed here.

Other interest

Yacht, baby sitting (just my own ;])

Materials for students