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Jan Miedzik

Jan Miedzik

Contact information

E-mail: jmieQdzik@ifQpilm.waw.pl (remove all q's)
Phone: +48 (22) 6381005 ext. 40
Fax: +48 (22) 6838605
Address: Instytut Fizyki Plazmy i Laserowej Mikrosyntezy,
ul. Hery 23, 01-497 Warszawa, Poland


PhD: Work in progress
MSc: Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw (Poland), 2008
BSc: Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw (Poland), 2007;
Written while internship in ESPCI

Research activity

Plasma physics
Focused on Hall thrusters: development of a numerical model of the motion of electrons
based on guiding center approximation.

Experimental fluid dynamics
Studies of the flow behind the sphere in intermediate Reynolds numbers.


Connected to Hall thrusters are usually listed here.
Connected to fluid flows are usually listed here.

Other interest

Parallel programming, aerodynamics
Hiking, climbing, travelling, XC and road cycling

Materials for students

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