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Life in Paris it's not only work in lab

but all who have been there in ESPCI must admit that most of the time is spent in walls of our lab (laboratory of course). But Paris is too big, too nice, too old too.... it's just too. See on the bottom of the page, places that are recommended to visit. If you have any questions please feel free to ask questions.

If you have already decided to go to Paris (to ESPCI or just to visit Paris) there are a few things to know: (useful links)
1. You cannot drink sweet wine while dining!!!
2. Café usually means espresso and is obligatory after lunch.
3. Lunch time starts at 11.45 a.m. (yes its early but you can get use to it).
4. Red light = green light, so if you try to be French, please ignore the red light and just cross the street.
5. Don't try to start conversation in English, never.
6. Weekly ticket means ticket valid from Monday to Sunday (no, there are no tickets valid 7 days), this applies also to monthly tickets, it is valid for one month e.g. June).

Janek i Ola Adam i Julia
You can meet your future wife there
(on the photo Jan and his wife Ola)
Or you can invite your girlfriend to Paris
(on the photo Adam and Julia or Julia and Adam ;])

You can also try to ... pic somebody in Asterix fun park

With sophie and Edwardo
Photo with local bosses in Paris ;] from left Edwardo, Jan, Sophie

Places to visit in France

Some other useful links