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About us

How did it begin

This polish-french cooperation in fluid dynamics started somewhere in 1996 when our first student (our means from MEL) Bartek Protas landed in the laboratory PMMH of the Paris university ESPCI. Now he is working as an associate professor in McMaster University in Canada (somewhere far from here, don't bother where ;]). After his four years and some years of brake in cooperation, student Konrad refreshed contact in 2005-2006. Henceforth, more students Janek (2006-2007), Adam (2007-2008), Marcin (2009), Piotrek (2009-2010), Tomek (2010-2011), Łukasz (2011-2012) and Jędrek 2012-2013 visited ESPCI in frames of Socrates-Erasmus program, but the stay there was not a long party as usual on Erasmus programme.

In fact in laboratory there is a lot to do, and what's more it is so interesting, that staying up to 10 p.m. was habitual.


The cooperation is very fruitful. All students were on international conferences which are the most important in the experimental and numerical fluid dynamics. Konrad in 2007 attended the conference of DFD APS in USA, Salt Lake City; Janek in 2007 BBViV5 in Brazil; Adam 2008 EuroMech in Manchester). Bartosz of course was already on too many conferences so there is no need to mention it ;].

Our work focuses on flow behind the sphere, but having such a big experience from Paris Konrad has build ours (or his ;]) tunnel in our laboratory. Of course we do not want to spend our whole life on observing sphere, so another phenomenon is studied there. As proposed by dr Szumbarski, in this experiment, water channel has wavy walls and no obstacles inside can be found. This experiment which will start soon will be used to validate numerical results.

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